Undiscovered Country: A Novel Inspired by the Lives of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok

Pegasus Books #ad - An extraordinary novel portraying one of the greatest untold love stories in American politics. In 1932, new york city, top reporter lorena “hick” Hickok starts each day with a front page byline—and finishes it swigging bourbon and planning her next big scoop. But an assignment to cover fdr’s campaign—and write a feature on his wife, Eleanor—turns Hick’s hard-won independent life on its ear.

Undiscovered Country: A Novel Inspired by the Lives of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok #ad - But doing what is right does not come cheap, and Hick will pay in ways she never could have imagined. Together, eleanor and hick imagine how the new town of Arthurdale could change the fate of hundreds of lives. Soon her work, and the secret entanglement with the new first lady, will take her from New York and Washington to Scotts Run, West Virginia, where impoverished coal miners’ families wait in fear that the New Deal’s promised hope will pass them by.


White Houses: A Novel

Random House #ad - And she does it brilliantly. Entertainment Weekly. Bloom’s goal is less to relitigate history than to portray the blandly sexless figurehead of First Lady as something the job rarely allows those women to be—a loving, breathing human being. Praise for white houses “amy Bloom brings an untold slice of history so dazzlingly and devastatingly to life, it took my breath away.

Paula mclain, author of The Paris Wife“Vivid and tender. Through it all, even as hick’s bond with eleanor is tested by forces both extraordinary and common, and as she grows as a woman and a writer, she never loses sight of the love of her life. From washington, D. C. But then, as her connection with the future first lady deepens into intimacy, what begins as a powerful passion matures into a lasting love, and a life that Hick never expected to have.

White Houses: A Novel #ad - She moves into the white house, where her status as “first friend” is an open secret, as are FDR’s own lovers. For readers of the paris wife and the swans of fifth avenue comes a “sensuous, captivating account of a forbidden affair between two women” People—Eleanor Roosevelt and “first friend” Lorena Hickok.

Named one of the best books of the year by financial times • san francisco chronicle • new york public library • Refinery29 • Real Simple Lorena Hickok meets Eleanor Roosevelt in 1932 while reporting on Franklin Roosevelt’s first presidential campaign.


The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott

Berkley #ad - The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott #ad - Stuck in small-town new hampshire, she meets joseph Singer, and as she opens her heart, Louisa finds herself torn between a love that takes her by surprise and her dream of independence as a writer in Boston. But how could the author—who never had a romance—write so convincingly of love and heartbreak without experiencing it herself?Deftly mixing fact and fiction, Kelly O’Connor McNees returns to the summer of 1855, when vivacious Louisa is twenty-two and bursting with a desire to free herself from family and societal constraints so she can do what she loves most.

The choice she must make comes with a steep price that she will pay for the rest of her life. Countless readers have fallen in love with Little Women. A richly imagined, remarkably written story of the woman who created Little Women—and how love changed her in ways she never expected.


Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady

Penguin Books #ad - Over the next thirty years, until eleanor’s death, professional advisors, confidantes, at different points, the two women carried on an extraordinary relationship: They were, lovers, and caring friends. They couldn't have been more different. Eleanor had been raised in one of the nation’s most powerful political families and was introduced to society as a debutante before marrying her distant cousin, Franklin.

At every turn, the bond these women shared was grounded in their determination to better their troubled world. When eleanor’s tenure as first lady ended with fdr's death, Hick pushed her to continue to use her popularity for good—advice Eleanor took by leading the UN’s postwar Human Rights Commission.

By that time, she had put her deep disappointment in her marriage behind her and developed an independent life—now threatened by the public role she would be forced to play. Hick, had grown up poor in rural south dakota and worked as a servant girl after she escaped an abusive home, as she was known, eventually becoming one of the most respected reporters at the AP.

Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady #ad - A lifeline came to her in the form of a feisty campaign reporter for the Associated Press: Lorena Hickok. Her admiration drew the buttoned-up Eleanor out of her shell, and the two quickly fell in love. During the depression, hick reported from the nation’s poorest areas for the WPA, and Eleanor used these reports to lobby her husband for New Deal programs.

A warm, intimate account of the love between eleanor roosevelt and reporter lorena hickok—a relationship that, transformed both women's lives and empowered them to play significant roles in one of the most tumultuous periods in American historyIn 1932, as her husband assumed the presidency, over more than three decades, Eleanor Roosevelt entered the claustrophobic, duty-bound existence of the First Lady with dread.


Loving Eleanor

Persevero Press #ad - Hick is revealed as an accomplished journalist, who, at the pinnacle of her career, gives it all up for the woman she loves. When ap political reporter lorena hickok—Hick—is assigned to cover Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1932 campaign, the two women become deeply involved. Their relationship begins with mutual romantic passion, matures through stormy periods of enforced separation and competing interests, and warms into an enduring, encompassing friendship documented by 3300 letters.

Set during the chaotic years of the great depression, loving eleanor reveals Eleanor Roosevelt as a complex, and the Second World War, the New Deal, contradictory, and entirely human woman who is pulled in many directions by her obligations to her husband and family and her role as the nation's First Lady.

Loving Eleanor #ad - . Loving eleanor is a profoundly moving novel that illuminates a relationship we are seldom privileged to see, celebrating the depth and durability of women's love. Then, first lady of the world, hick must create her own independent, as Eleanor is transformed into Eleanor Everywhere, productive life.


Empty Without You: The Intimate Letters Of Eleanor Roosevelt And Lorena Hickok

Free Press #ad - Although the figure who emerges in these pages is as determined and politically adept as the woman we know, tender and vulnerable, she is also surprisingly sarcastic and funny, and even judgmental and petty -- all less public but no less important attributes of our most beloved first lady. The friends even discussed a future in which they would share a home and blend their separate lives into one.

Roosevelt library discovered eighteen boxes filled with letters the two women exchanged during their thirty-year friendship. But until now we have been offered only the odd quotation or excerpt from their voluminous correspondence. From the day eleanor moved into the White House and installed Lorena in a bedroom just a few feet from her own, each woman virtually lived for the other.

In the summer of 1933, eleanor and Lorena took a three-week road trip together, often traveling incognito. When lorena was away, eleanor kissed her picture of "dearest Hick" every night before going to bed, while Lorena marked the days off her calendar in anticipation of their next meeting. In empty without you, journalist and historian Rodger Streitmatter has transcribed and annotated 300 letters that shed new light on the legendary, passionate, and intense bond between these extraordinary women.

Empty Without You: The Intimate Letters Of Eleanor Roosevelt And Lorena Hickok #ad - The relationship between eleanor roosevelt and Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok has sparked vociferous debate ever since 1978, when archivists at the Franklin D. Perhaps as valuable as these intimations of a love affair are the glimpses this collection offers of an Eleanor Roosevelt strikingly different from the icon she has become.

Written with the candor and introspection of a private diary, the letters expose the most private thoughts, feelings, and motivations of their authors and allow us to assess the full dimensions of a remarkable friendship.


Never Anyone But You: A Novel

Other Press #ad - They embark on a clandestine love affair, terrified they will be discovered, in an astonishing twist of fate, but then, the mother of one marries the father of the other. Named a best book of the year by The Guardian, The Observer,  and Sydney Morning Herald. The true story of a love affair between two extraordinary women becomes a literary tour deforce in this novel that recreates the surrealist movement in Paris and the horrors of the two world wars with a singular incandescence and intimacy.

In the years preceding world War I, by chance, two young women meet, in a provincial town in France. In the 1930s, they leave paris for jersey, and it is on this idyllic island that they confront their destiny, with the rise of anti-Semitism and threat of fascism, creating a campaign of propaganda against Hitler’s occupying forces that will put their lives in jeopardy.

Never Anyone But You: A Novel #ad - Brilliantly imagined, profoundly thought-provoking, and ultimately heartbreaking,  Never Anyone But You infuses life into a forgotten history as only great literature can. Suzanne malherbe, a shy seventeen-year-old with a talent for drawing, is completely entranced by the brilliant but troubled Lucie Schwob, who comes from a family of wealthy Jewish intellectuals.

As “sisters” they are finally free of suspicion, hungry for a more stimulating milieu, and, they move to Paris at a moment when art, literature, and politics blend in an explosive cocktail. Having reinvented themselves as claude cahun and marcel Moore, meeting everyone from Hemingway and Dalí to André Breton, they move in the most glamorous social circles, and produce provocative photographs that still seem avant-garde today.


The Browns of California: The Family Dynasty that Transformed a State and Shaped a Nation

Bloomsbury Publishing #ad - This book gives new insights to those steeped in california history, offers a corrective for those who confuse stereotypes and legend for fact, and opens new vistas for readers familiar with only the sketchiest outlines of a place habitually viewed from afar with a mix of envy and awe, disdain, and fascination.

. In the browns of california, journalist and scholar miriam pawel weaves a narrative history that spans four generations, the Prussian immigrant who crossed the Plains in 1852 and settled on a northern California ranch, from August Schuckman, to his great-grandson Jerry Brown, who reclaimed the family homestead one hundred forty years later.

Illuminates the sea change in the nation's politics in the last half of the 20th century. New york times book reviewcalifornia book award gold medal winner * finalist for the los angeles times book prize * a los angeles times bestseller * san francisco chronicle's "Best Books of the Year" List * Publishers Weekly Top Ten History Books for Fall * Berkeleyside Best Books of the Year * Shortlisted for NCIBA Golden Poppy AwardA Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist's panoramic history of California and its impact on the nation, from the Gold Rush to Silicon Valley--told through the lens of the family dynasty that led the state for nearly a quarter century.

The Browns of California: The Family Dynasty that Transformed a State and Shaped a Nation #ad - . Even in the land of reinvention, the story is exceptional: Pat Brown, the beloved father who presided over California during an era of unmatched expansion; Jerry Brown, the cerebral son who became the youngest governor in modern times--and then returned three decades later as the oldest. Miriam Pawel's fascinating book.

The magisterial story is enhanced by dozens of striking photos, many published for the first time. Through the prism of their lives, we gain an essential understanding of California and an appreciation of its importance.


The Island of Doves

Berkley #ad - But as their friendship grows into something miraculous, it changes each woman in unexpected ways. Vivid and enthralling, island of the doves tells the story of two women in early nineteenth century America—one typical of her time, one extraordinary for it—who transform each other’s lives. Susannah fraser lives in one of Buffalo’s finest mansions, but her husband has made it a monstrous prison.

Each needs to learn to love again, and only together can they realize a future bright with the promise of new life…. When a mysterious woman offers to help her escape, Susannah boards a steamboat for Mackinac Island. But magdelaine has also seen great tragedy and lost all that was dear to her, and she is no longer sure her hardened heart is capable of love.

The Island of Doves #ad - Now, magdelaine seeks redemption by offering safe harbor to Susannah. But after being a dutiful daughter and obedient wife, it is only as she flees that she realizes how unprepared she is for freedom. An exceptional woman of early america, Magdelaine Fonteneau has overcome convention to live a bold and adventurous life, achieving great wealth and power as a fur trader.


Parisian Lives: Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and Me: A Memoir

Nan A. Talese #ad - Who managed to secure access to Nobel Prize-winning author Samuel Beckett. A publishers weekly best book of the yearnational book award-winning biographer Deirdre Bair explores her fifteen remarkable years in Paris with Samuel Beckett and Simone de Beauvoir, painting intimate new portraits of two literary giants and revealing secrets of the biographical art.

In 1971 deirdre bair was a journalist and a recently minted Ph. D. Her seven-year relationship with the forceful and difficult Beauvoir required a radical change in approach and yielded another groundbreaking literary profile while also awakening Bair to an era of burgeoning feminist consciousness. Drawing on bair's extensive notes from the period, including never-before-told anecdotes and details considered impossible to publish at the time, Parisian Lives gives us an entirely new perspective on the all-too-human side of these legendary thinkers.

Parisian Lives: Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and Me: A Memoir #ad - Where beckett had been retiring and elusive, Beauvoir was domineering and all encompassing. Plus, there was a catch: Beauvoir and Beckett despised each other--and lived in the same neighborhood. He agreed that she could be his biographer despite her never having written a biography before. It is also a warmly personal reflection on the writing life--its compromises, its joys, and its rewards.

Bair, who resorted to dodging one subject or the other by hiding out in the great cafés of Paris, learned that what works in terms of process for one biography rarely applies to the next.


Lady Clementine: A Novel

Sourcebooks Landmark #ad - Benedict fully inhabits the measured and intelligent voice of Clementine Churchill. Benedict stuns readers with a glorious assortment of clementine Churchill's most personal secrets: her scandalous childhood, her maternal insecurities, her unexpected role as a social outsider, and the daily struggles she faces to smooth her husband's political blunders and to keep up with his relentless demands for guidance and attention.

In 1909, clementine steps off a train with her new husband, Winston. From marie benedict, the new york times bestselling author of the Only Woman in the Room! An incredible novel that focuses on one of the people who had the most influence during World War I and World War II: Clementine Churchill. A remarkable story of remarkable woman.

Lady Clementine: A Novel #ad - Susan meissner, bestselling author of The Last Year of the War"The atmospheric prose of Marie Benedict draws me in every single time. Lady clementine is the ferocious story of the ambitious woman beside Winston Churchill, the story of a partner who did not flinch through the sweeping darkness of war, and who would not surrender either to expectations or to enemies.

Also by marie benedict: the only woman in the room the Other Einstein Carnegie's MaidPraise for Lady Clementine:"Benedict is a true master at weaving the threads of the past into a compelling story for today. Lady clementine's powerful and spirited story is both compelling and immersive. Lewis "in her latest novel, lady clementine, Marie Benedict has gifted us all with another thoughtful and illuminating behind-the-scenes look at one of history's most unusual and extraordinary women.

With a historian's eye and a writer's heart, Benedict provides an unforgettable glimpse into the private world of a brilliant woman whose impact and influence on world events deserves to be acknowledged.